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Ick Reuvis

Edition of 6 Unique Pieces

Materials: solid wengé wood, hourglass

Dimensions: 30 x 5,8 x 1,8 cm

(c) 2020

Ick Reuvis - NEXT LEVEL

SKU: 2022_IR_NL
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  • After obtaining a master’s degree in Interior Design, (Patr)ick Reuvis soon engaged himself with various projects such as Het Labo.

    Het Labo brings together national and international artists and designers from different disciplines. This resulted in dozens of thematic exhibitions, both in museums and public spaces.

    Patrick Reuvis teaches furniture design at Thomas More Mechelen and is involved in VOMO, the postgraduate training in furniture design.

    Patrick Reuvis’s individual practice focusses on redesign and assembly with a heart for sustainability. 

  • The climate is out of balance. Against our better judgement, the tropical rainforest continues to be cut down. It's only a matter of time unfortunately...

    Around the turn of the century, reuser from the very beginning Ick Reuvis rescued a batch of tropical wenge wood from the demolition of a 'landmark' in Hasselt.

    Years later he made this critical yet relativizing statement: NEXT LEVEL. NEXT LEVEL

    ick reuvis 2020

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