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Photoprint on plexiglass

Dimensions: 650 x 650 x 5 mm

delivered with 4 transparent pvc clamps

Edition 1/1


Kaleidovoyage: wondrous collages as fragments of architecture visits. Are these embodiments of memories or alternative realities? Is this how a four dimensional being looks upon our three dimensions? (Escher/ Vasarely/ Vonnegut/ Tati) Can architecture be funny? Landscape and the architecture are turned into themselves and form is driven to the limit.

Iwert Bernakiewicz - Kaleidovoyage - Madrid

SKU: 2021_IB_003
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  • ''Synchronicity has nothing to do with order, but everything with chaos.’

    Belgium based architect / photographer, Iwert Bernakiewicz (º1970), is educated as an architect and blends his photography skills with two decades of experience in architectural design and education. 

    His artistic work challenges our observation. The overal theme ‘FRAG’, serves as an acronym and working theme: ‘for real, augmented gazing’. At the same time it is the German word for ‘ASK’, the constant questioning of our (human) actions and surroundings. 

    Iwert’s experience in architectural design allows him to question three dimensional space, transforming ‘reality’ into two dimensional representations and fold-out two and a half dimensional sculptures showing condensed parallel realities. 

    In his Kaleidoscopic views weightlessness is introduced to condense architecture and space into parallel worlds, tackling curiosity and thereby questioning our surroundings. In his paper sculptures human (inter)actions are reduced to their extreme minimum for a maximum of expression.

    He actively uses photography, model building and paper sculptures as a research and documenting tool in his work with students at Hasselt University, in scenography and as an independent artist, reflecting visually on human interactions, architecture, our natural environment and self. 


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