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James Van Vossel - MOCK_UP

A limited number of copies available of an original look into the thinking and working process of Belgian designer James Van Vossel.  A beautiful inspiring tactile book, worth having.



long live the samples, the research, the journey
long live the Mock-up!

A book released as a limited edition of 200 copies

A tool that shows the working method which James Van Vossel has remained faithful to for 20 years. A plea for a profound quest with hand-crafted intermediate phases in the design process of each product.

Dimensions: 130 x 280 x 11 MM

Book design and revision: Maarten Demetter & Hanne Keirse,

Photography: Alain Six,

numbered & signed

James Van Vossel - Mock_up

SKU: 2023_JVV_MU
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  • James Van Vossel (°77) is a versatile designer with a constant need for innovation and an irrepressible stubbornness to achieve his goal. His drive is not to just put another object on the market, but to reform archetypes, searching and questioning them with a constant flow of new insights. Graduated with distinction as a furniture designer at VOMO/Thomas More University in Mechelen (BE), he established the all-embracing brand JAMES˙˙˙˙ in 2006.


    From toy design to the world of fashion, from product design for Modular Lighting Instruments (BE) and Theo Eyewear (BE) to furniture design for Drisag (BE), the wide range of products reflects his quest to obtain clear, balanced and functional objects. The unique, limited and industrially produced creations all arise from sketches, translated into real life models in his own modest designer’s studio. More often than not, he finds solutions through manual material interventions. To broaden his horizon and mind, James often participates on contests and collaborates with other designers. In the past this led to creative cooperations such as Fox & Freeze. He also joins forces with enterprises from various backgrounds such as the young social cooperative enterprise 37 Graden (BE) to the renowned furniture company Thonet (DE) and Ligne Roset (FR).


    James breathes passion and provokes an inspiring mindset. He seeks, investigates and then throws himself with the same enthusiasm and vigour into a project for each of his clients. Because this is what he prefers: to act hands-on. Those who have already attended one of his lectures understand that James translates his words into deeds: “I can’t sit on a drawing!” …



    Interior Innovation Award Cologne (DE)
    Award INTERIEUR biennale ’08 (BE)
    Young professional for Europe Award ’09 (IT)
    Silver V.Award ’13 (CN)
    iF DESIGN AWARD ’20 (DE)


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