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Set of 3 prints in handpainted folder with RGB colours

prints: Permajet Portrait White Print, 280 g

Dimensions: 28  x 28 cm
Edition of 10 copies, signed, dated and numbered

Joke Timmermans - RGB

SKU: 2022_JT_RGB_B
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  • Captivated by her isolation, Joke Timmermans experiments with forgotten filters, an old Nikon and herself. The series is named RGB, an acronym of red, yellow and blue. No digital process, but three colour filters that intuitively alienate the image. Therefore, the photo studio becomes a lab where she investigates the correlation between light, colour and movement. With attributes she explores the expressive power of her body in a naked and rule-less game. The result is a series of pictures that balance between ratio and feeling, control and coincidence. The spectator gets confronted with a range of emotions, he identifies, rappels and dreams away.

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