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Quinten Torp painting

Acrylic and oil on canvas

Dimensions: 40 x 50 h cm


Quinten Torp - Il Cambio Uno

SKU: 2022_QT_001
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  • Il Cambio, the Italian word for the gear device of a bicycle, also has the meaning of change. This metaphor is the basis of a new series of works. Starting from sketches with acrylic on canvas, made on my bike rides in the Italian Alps and pre-Alps, this will be a series where change is central.

    Change while cycling; from big to small gear, uphill-downhill; Change in materials used: acrylic and oil paints; Change is size: from small to large; Change in technique: from paintings to digital graphic work; ...



  • Quinten Torp, aka Geert Mullens (°1960), is a Belgian artists who lives in Genk.  His studio is surprisingly situated in a train station.
    His versatility is shown in the use of different techniques on canvas and paper and his graphic background is translated into digital paintings evolved into abstraction.

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