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Glitch Block

Acrylic block with an interlaced 640 x 480 pixel VGA qualtiy JPEG, taken with a 1997 Sony Mavica FD7 Floppy Disk Camera.

JPEG edited with a 13 inch hammer.

Dimensions: 100 x 150  x 24 mm

Edition: 1/1 Piece Unique


Presented in a cardboard box with

- Artwork

- Floppy disk

- stickers

- explanatory cards

- certificate of authenticity

- 3D printed name tag

Renaat Nijs - Mavicazine Glitch 10

SKU: 2022_RN_MG10
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  • Renaat Nijs has a soft spot for design, photography, film and popsicles. He first attended PIKOH to study architecture, and then moved to Taiwan for one year to study Graphic Design. After that he earned a master’s degree in Multimedia Design at LUCA in Genk.

    As a photographer he developed his own style. He now works as a freelance photographer for clients such as De Standaard Magazine, and is the resident photographer for His epic documentary images of and others are testament to his unique vision. He is also the founder of On his Instagram he provides you with a dose of popsicles, but most of all a gorgeous cocktail of architecture captured by his aesthetically trained eye.


  • The SONY MAVICA MVC-FD7 was introduced in 1997 for 35.687 BEF (880 EUR). We bought our first MVC-FD7 in January 2019 for 5 EURO (201.7 BEF) and fell in love with it.

    But why do you fall in love with a bulky, chunky camera with shitty quality? For all the previous features and the 10x optical zoom. People are too preoccupied with perfection. The FD7 shows us that photography doesn't have to be perfect, just like in real life.

    It's a conversation starter. And not just because of its appearance. The 0.3 megapixel images are written on a 1.44 MB floppy disk (including superior sound). This makes the FD7 a forerunner of cameras with external media. You can store about 30-40 photos on the floppy disk.

    Damaged files and more color. Then came the glitches. We experimented with magnets, circuit bending and destructive behavior. In the end, the solution was simple: a claw hammer. Using a claw hammer to damage the floppy disk reader several times during the read process creates a corrupt file resulting in a glitch effect. Influencing the digital images in an analog way creates a certain unpredictability. And that's exactly what we want.

    The FD7 is now indispensable in our collection. This is due to the looks of the camera, the unpredictability and the imperfection of the final product. No wonder we have 15 of them.

    This is an ode not only to the first digital Mavica, but to all the old digital cameras that are being abandoned.


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