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Cutting the Red Tape

work: Vintage stamps with ink pad instead of the rubber mark, disabling them to be leave a textual imprint

dimensions: Stamp A 70w x 20d x 76h mm -  Stamp B 50w x 18d x 60 h mm 

material: wood, metal, synthetic felt, East-Indian ink

Piece Unique

Birgit Stulens - Cutting the Red Tape

SKU: 2022_C39_002
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  • To whom it may concern is a number of works treating the theme of negative space.  The message appears to be absent or is sabotaged.  The external container is present but what the viewer should attract seems nowhere to be found.  

    Is the viewer swindled as in the tale of The Emperor's New Clothes of Hans Christian Andersen?  Or is it vital to reflect upon the concept of absence, the invisible, the intangible?

  • Birgit Stulens' hidden world unfolds in the sporadic production of small works, within a concept that occupies her thoughts for years.  As founder of CABINET39, she uses this platform to publicly present these works as a gradually growing series called To Whom it May Concern. Don't take them too seriously.

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