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Meet our artists

CABINET39 is excited to collaborate with a well-advised selection of creatives, artists, designers and crafts(wo)men. Their presented work, especially curated for this platform can be found in our shop.  

The works or objects are original pieces or offered in a limited edition, exclusively to be found on this website.

The result of the collaboration will be growing gradually. Many artists are making new work especially for our platform. Keep an eye on our instagram and facebook page or subscribe to the newsletter for the latest news and exciting pieces on display in our store.

In alphabetical order: 

Iwert Bernakiewicz (BE), Pietro Bonacina (IT), Steven Brouns (BE), Matali Crasset (FR), Nick Ervinck (BE), Patrick Everaert (BE), (BE), Martine Geladi (BE), Serge Haelterman (BE), Charvis Harrell (US), Linde Hermans (BE), I N S T I T U T E  5 4 (BE), Herman Maes (BE), Pascale Matuscsak (BE), Renaat Nijs (BE), Audi Pauwels & Kitty Spaenjers (BE), Lucia Sammarco Pennetier (IT), Klaar Prims (BE), Rogier Rensen (BE), Ick Reuvis  (BE), Birgit Stulens (BE), Joke Timmermans (BE), Quinten Torp (BE), Karel Van Gerven (BE), Kris Vervaeke (BE), Abelone Wilhelmsen (DK)

and more great names on the way

(Patr)ick Reuvis

(interior) designer, artist (BE)

After obtaining a master’s degree in Interior Design, (Patr)ick Reuvis soon engaged himself with various projects such as Het Labo.
Het Labo brings together national and international artists and designers from different disciplines. This resulted in dozens of thematic exhibitions, both in museums and public spaces.
Patrick Reuvis teaches furniture design at Thomas More Mechelen and is involved in VOMO, the postgraduate training in furniture design.
Patrick Reuvis’s individual practice focusses on redesign and assembly with a heart for sustainability.

Klaar Prims

interior architect, glass artist (BE)

In addition to her work as an interior designer, Klaar started creating glass windows to incorporate light, colours and reflections in architecture. She equates designing these windows to “painting with light”.
Klaar’s fascination for design and aesthetics led her to glassblowing.
Since then, she has become even more passionate about glass, discovering modelling liquid glass as its third dimension. Klaar has always loved working with her hands and felt an urge to create aesthetics and harmony.
After several years of searching, she ended up developing her own collection.
Klaar feels that glassblowing is the ultimate art for creative expression. She studied the technique, combining her craftsmanship with modern design. Every day, she gains inspiration and energy from the creative process.

Abelone Wilhelmsen

fashion designer (DK)

Abelone is a Danish fashion designer based in Antwerp, Belgium. Her design-universe is rooted in the Scandinavian timeless style-aesthetic with key elements such as simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty.

Nick Ervinck

sculptor (BE)

Nick Ervink's work consists of large installations, handmade and 3D printed sculptures, ceramics, prints, drawings, light boxes and animated films. As diverse as this art production may be, above all, he remains fascinated by the "negative space" as he discovered it with classical sculptors such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. The finding that a "hole" in matter is such a young idea will probably haunt him for the rest of his life. As a child of his time, he plays a varying game between the physical and virtual world, using both classic and new craftsmanship (computers, 3D printing and milling). From here he explores in his own unique way classical themes such as man , plants, masks and animals, always starting from an (art) historical background that he cuts with contemporary pop and sci-fi culture.

He has received several prizes. His work has been acquired by art collectors around the world and shown in solo and group exhibitions in Europe and beyond. Ervinck took his first steps with group exhibitions in Shanghai, Tokyo, Flagstaff and New York.

Linde Hermans

designer (BE)

Linde Hermans is a Belgian designer, who works in different disciplines such as product design, scenography, installations in public space, … Her work balances on the boundary between art and design.
The little things in everyday life fascinate her. She uses the power of unusual associations and often re-uses existing industrial products, which she subtly transforms into a new poetic object. Her strength lies in the combination of a remarkable affinity for crafts with an unexpected industrial mentality.
In 1997 Linde obtained her Master’s Degree in Product Design with magna cum laude. After internships at Li Edelkoort in Paris, Jorge Pensi Diseno in Barcelona and the studio of Piet Stockmans she lectured at the Eindhoven Design Academy, designed street furniture, restyled the Tongeren prison and started her own label ‘Rode Schoentjes’.
In 2007 she was presented with the Henry Van de Velde Award for Young Talent and for these awards she has been nominated several times in recent years. The Chaise Longue, a price winning design from 2000, has been part of the Thierry Barbier-Mueller (Geneva, CH) collection since 2010 and of the Design Museum (Gent, B) since 2021.

Karel Van Gerven

photographer (BE)

I have been intensively involved in photography for more than thirty years, and I have ended up with images that at first sight don't even seem to be photos. In a technique from a different era. I don't want to be content with a single image from which the viewer's gaze drifts away after a few seconds. An image should at least try to make you stay, ask you questions, set your own imagination to work: if it doesn't, the communication has failed.

I bring things, perspectives, people, situations in front of the camera, I superpose layers, - past and present, memory and seeing with the eyes of this moment, - and I connect them with each other from my emotions and life experience. I hope for recognition, for the reaction of the other.

Joke Timmermans

photographer, storyteller (BE)

Joke Timmermans (°1980) is a photographer, journalist and lecturer with a deep rooted passion for words, images and arts. People, love and 'the decisive moment' are the common thread in her photographic work. Her style is organic and diverse: from cool street scenes to telling portrait series.

Lucia Sammarco Pennetier

artist (IT)

Lucia Sammarco Pennetier (Milan, 1980) graduated in History of Art in Italy, she begins her artistic project focusing on the creation of frontier objects - experimetal works blending art, fashion and design. In occasion of her first exhibition "Conversation Pieces" at Claudia Gian Ferrari's gallery in 2007, she presented her first series of small walking sculptures: works conceived as sculptures that can be worn. From this, she explored her research using different mediums and new forms of expression like photography, works on paper and a project of installations in which she elaborated a new personal language of three-dimensional "signs".
She exhibited in Italy, Belgium, Germany and France. Her works were included in numerous public and private collections both in Italy and abroad as Museum of Fashion and Costume of Milan and Foundation’s Villa Necchi Campiglio and Costa's Contemporary Art Collection.

Matali Crasset

designer (FR)

Born july, 28 1965 in Chalons en Champagne
Graduated at Les Ateliers – Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, matali crasset is industrial designer of formation. In agreement with one of her emblematic objets, the column of hospitality "When Jim goes up to Paris" , she puts a clean methodology in which she questions the evidence of the codes that governs our daily life to free oneselves better of it and to experiment. Thus she develops new typologies articulated around principes as the modularity, the appropriation, the flexibility, the network. Her work that has imposed itself from the years 90 as the refusal of the pure shape, conceives itself like a research in movement, made of hypotheses more than of principles. She collaborates whith eclectic universes, from the handicraft to the electronic music, from the scenography to the furniture, from the graphics to the interor architecture.
matali crasset spent her chilhood in a small village in the north of France, in a farm where work and life were intimately bound.

Pascale Matuscsak

artist (BE)

Pascale Matuscsak’s fascination for details and visual research results in muted collages. In a digital age, she opts consciously for the restrictions of paper. Her working process is very organic. She selects and fragments accidental images and combines them into her own, often alienating world. It’s a visual, meticulous translation of loneliness, ennui, passion, uncertainty…
The different parts flow into each other and reinforce each other into a powerful composition. The fundamental indeterminacy of the image gives space to the viewers. What emerges is the final resolution related to time, space, and the physical world. The collages become 'triggers': awakeners of images. The spectator may look in for a moment and see a glimpse of what was happening behind the scenes. Things are not what they are…

I N S T I T U T E 5 4

Heinrich Nicolaus (BE) & Karin Draaijer (NL)

I N S T I T U T E 5 4 was founded by artist Heinrich Nicolaus and interior designer Karin Draaijer.

In 2010 they founded VaMp (vision Art and Magic Peer), a space where everything can happen in the field of life, design, interior and art. They offer you great art experience and are also very happy to design you a tailor-made interior.

I N S T I T U T E 5 4 runs a Publishing House called T i n a i a 9. It was founded in 1992 (in Florence, Italy) as an Art Project.

Steven Brouns

designer & manufacturer (BE)

Steven Brouns (Neerpelt, 1975) graduated as an Industrial Designer in 1999. In 2002 he launched his own design studio Zoink!. Brouns designs and produces furniture and accessories for major brand names that are looking for unique and often high-quality products. In 2005 he received the Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award.

James Van Vossel

designer (BE)

James Van Vossel (°77) is a versatile designer with a constant need for innovation and an irrepressible stubbornness to achieve his goal. His drive is not to just put another object on the market, but to reform archetypes, searching and questioning them with a constant flow of new insights. Graduated with distinction as a furniture designer at VOMO/Thomas More University in Mechelen (BE), he established the all-embracing brand JAMES˙˙˙˙ in 2006.
From toy design to the world of fashion, from product design for Modular Lighting Instruments (BE) and Theo Eyewear (BE) to furniture design for Drisag (BE), the wide range of products reflects his quest to obtain clear, balanced and functional objects. The unique, limited and industrially produced creations all arise from sketches, translated into real life models in his own modest designer’s studio. More often than not, he finds solutions through manual material interventions. To broaden his horizon and mind, James often participates on contests and collaborates with other designers. In the past this led to creative cooperations such as Fox & Freeze. He also joins forces with enterprises from various backgrounds such as the young social cooperative enterprise 37 Graden (BE) to the renowned furniture company Thonet (DE).
James breathes passion and provokes an inspiring mindset. He seeks, investigates and then throws himself with the same enthusiasm and vigour into a project for each of his clients. Because this is what he prefers: to act hands-on. Those who have already attended one of his lectures understand that James translates his words into deeds: “I can’t sit on a drawing!” …

Jean Nicolai

photographer, print maker

When analog meets digital
I started my professional career as allround photographer in a local advertising agency and discovered all the pleasures of being an artist in 1972. After a period as freelancer, I changed into a full time teaching career, always in photography.

Few years before the millennium I was interested in another creative project: Printmaking (techniques like etching, lithography, silk screen printing, …) but I considered the use of solvents and evasive products as dangerous.

The content of my prints are based on earlier photographic work, but adapted into graphic-architectural images. By carefully superposing different plates in different colors a new graphical image appears: a new analog creation is made. Perspective, composition and contrast are important issues in each of the images, just as it was in my previous photographic work.

Renaat Nijs

photographer (BE)

Photographer Renaat Nijs has a weakness for design, photography and film. His path to photography was one of winding roads, along architecture at the PIKOH, to a study Graphic Design in Taiwan to a Master of Arts (Multimedia Design) degree at LUCA Genk. His passion for graphic images eventually led him to photography.

Renaat works as a freelance photographer for various magazines, is the brain behind and, via his instagram account, serves beautiful cocktails of tasteful architecture, captured by a graphically trained eye.
His images are now recognizable by the unique focus on details, lines and architecture, and his choice in series of images. He strives to turn the ordinary into something extra ordinary and to create order out of chaos.

Patrick Everaert

artist (BE)

Patrick Everaert has been exhibiting his artistic work for 30 years in art centres, galleries and museums in Europe. His work consists largely in introducing doubt, duration and amplitude among the phases of perception of the image.

Kris Vervaeke

photographer (BE)

I love to make photo stories that capture some of the humanity and goofiness I’ve discovered in cultures around the world. With an eye toward storytelling, I use my camera to take you to some strange and wonderful places that you may not experience in your own day-to-day life. I was born in Belgium, but I’ve lived in many places, including 13 years throughout Asia. I’m happy to be based back in Europe now, but I’m often traveling, with an eye for the extraordinary. My personal work tends toward in-depth projects that become books and exhibitions. For commissioned work, I give the assignments lots of personal attention and energy.

Quinten Torp

visual artist (BE)

Quinten Torp, aka Geert Mullens (°1960), is a Belgian artists who lives in Genk. His studio is surprisingly situated in a train station.
His versatility is shown in the use of different techniques on canvas and paper and his graphic background is translated into digital paintings evolved into abstraction.

Birgit Stulens

photographer, creative mind (BE)

Birgit Stulens is looking out for the unremarkable, the pattern, the recurrent.
Concepts of time, patterns, silence of the moment, subtle differences in light and shadow attract her attention. The awareness of being close to nature and of our limited time in this world has turned her eye to vulnerable and futile themes.

Rogier Rensen

Maker (BE)

Rogier Rensen (1979), maker, was trained as a woodworker, visual artist and furniture designer.
His design language is a search for an honest design where form and function do not compete but adhere.
He draws inspiration from the elements of nature. His own signature lies in his appreciation for local materials, artisanal processes and a very high degree of finishing.

Huis Pauwels Spaenjers

goldsmiths (BE)

The Belgian designers duo Audi Pauwels and Kitty Spaenjers are the beating heart of Huis Pauwels Spaenjers.

In their contemporary goldsmith workshop in the centre of Hasselt, technique and craftsmanship is the main issue. They design minimal, modern jewelry made with sustainable materials.

Audi is the creative mind and sketches the designs in aquarelle. Kitty is an expert in all kinds of techniques concerning jewellery making and goldsmithing. Almost three decennia after the start up of Huis Pauwels Spaenjers, together they are is still a successful formula, which has expanded with a team of highly qualified goldsmiths

Herman Maes

visual artist, curator (BE)

Herman Maes (Kinshasa, 1959) is a Belgian visual artist. His work consists of installations, paintings and illustrations, and is situated in the twilight zone of abstraction, imagination and reality. As a curator, Maes organizes national and international exhibitions to show forgotten art from the present and the past.

Iwert Bernakiewicz

architect, photographer (BE)

''Synchronicity has nothing to do with order, but everything with chaos.’

Pietro Bonacina

fashion designer (IT)

Pietro Bonacina is a Fashion Design student based in Milan.

His designs develop from deep visual researches coming from different fields: fashion, art, photography, cinema, theater... Each collection is different from the other. Some starts by ephemeral obsessions and others by trials of creating something new.

Pietro's work represents a determined femininity, a return to "retro-like" garments filled with contemporary echoes that blends into tactile poetry and dreamlike atmospheres with structure, strength and form.

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