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“Lumberjack” Lamp

These lamps are formed from blocks of raw wood that are carefully cleaned and carved to reveal their natural beauty. They are then impregnated with a monochrome colour that highlights the subtle variations in their contours. Two round inclusions filled with an eco-resin allow to attach a magnetic lamp and its led bulb with a velvety finish like porcelain.

The "Lumberjack" lamp thus offers a double configuration that adapts to your desires.

Black stained wood, metal, Jesmonite and Magnetic lamp.

Unique, numbered and signed piece, handmade in Belgium.

Designed by Patrick Everaert for Fanfare in 2020.


“Lumberjack” Lamp #2 (2021)

Dimensions: 33cm h 6 watt led bulb included. 540 lumens.

Warm white Weight: 2,5kg (ref LJ2) - "Lumberjack" Lamp #2

SKU: 2022_FD_LJ2