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For the last ten years has been working on Thermos bottles at the end of their shelf-life. They are made of a non-recyclable glass that usually ends up in the ultimate disposal bin.

They transform them into vases with insulating properties that keep the water fresh. The lifespan of the bouquets is thus extended and the mirror polish of the vases reflects and magnifies the colours of your flowers.

Montage of 3 isothermal reclaimed vacuum bottles. As with any glass object, this vase should be handled with care and without impact. You can clean the vases gently with a soft damp cloth. Each piece is unique in its finish, shape, size or colour. Handmade in Belgium.

Designed by Alix and Patrick Everaert for Fanfare in 2014. Offered two different series: “Termo Solo” and “Termo Trio”.


Termo Trio Vase medium (2021)

Dimensions: 22cm diameter x 24cm h

Weight: 788gr - Vase Termo Trio - TTM2

SKU: 2022_FDE_TTM2
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