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Glass necklace

Materials: yellow glass ampoules with rounded edges, orange nylon thread

Sandblasted signature KP

Dimensions: 340 x 180 x 6 mm

Presented in a box with printed card




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  • creative inspiration

    In addition to her work as an interior designer, Klaar started creating glass windows to incorporate light, colours and reflections in architecture. She equates designing these windows to “painting with light”.
    Klaar’s fascination for design and aesthetics led her to glassblowing.
    Since then, she has become even more passionate about glass, discovering modelling liquid glass as its third dimension. Klaar has always loved working with her hands and felt an urge to create aesthetics and harmony.
    After several years of searching, she ended up developing her own collection.
    Klaar feels that glassblowing is the ultimate art for creative expression. She studied the technique, combining her craftsmanship with modern design. Every day, she gains inspiration and energy from the creative process.

    expressing the story of the glass

    Glass comes to life as soon as you try to shape it. Knowing how to bend the glass to her will, Klaar succeeds in obtaining pure simplicity out of this material which is by nature hard to handle. To transform sand and heat into a cold pureness with a warm and natural feeling, you not only need a specific vision and a sense of creativity. It mostly is a matter of intensive research and hard labour. This results in a unique collection made with a genuine love of craftmanship.

    premier glasswork

    Klaar Prims creates applied art from glass using the authentic mouth-blowing technique. The collections comprise decorative objects and utensils with a twist. The simple and exceptionally perfect shapes of vases, glasses and bowls provide a highlight in any setting with their delicacy, brilliance and clarity. The natural material makes every piece unique. Klaar Prims works internationally with interiorarchitects, design stores and many other professional partners.


  • Klaar Prims refers to the covid period with a wink,  working with glass medical ampoules. She is using these very common and mass produced disposable tubes to create an original and lasting necklace.

    It's transparency and lightness makes it a timeless and comfortable piece to wear, but I am the Cure is also a conversation initiator.


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