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Lucia Sammarco Pennetier


Composizione II di Segni su carta

Material: handmade paper, wire, silk

The work is wrapped in a perforated paper fabric

Dimensions: 14 h x 22 w x 19 d

Piece Unique

signed, with certificate

(c) 2022

Lucia Sammarco Pennetier - Composizioni II di Segni su carta

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  • Lucia Sammarco Pennetier was born in Milan in 1980, she works and lives in Milan.

    Graduated in History of Art in Italy, she begins her artistic project focusing on the creation of frontier objects - experimetal works blending art, fashion and design. In occasion of her first exhibition "Conversation Pieces" at Claudia Gian Ferrari's gallery in 2007, she presented her first series of small walking sculptures: works conceived as sculptures that can be worn. From this, she explored her research using different mediums and new forms of expression like photography, works on paper and a project of installations in which she elaborated a new personal language of three-dimensional "signs".

    She exhibited in Italy, Belgium, Germany