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Fabric: Vintage hand woven hemp grain sack, heavy quality, soft to the touch, pre-washed and steamed

Origine: Transylvania, Romania, period 1900-1940

Colour: eggshell to beige

Filling: custom made cushion filled with down feathers, hand sewn closure

Tag: natural saddle leather CABINET39 stamped tag

The grain sacks are kept in their original size.


Dimensions (approx. ) and colour lines:

- Green/Green - 128 x 54 cm, eggshell
- Red/Green wide - 125 x 51 cm, eggshell

-5 Red lines - 125 x 49 cm, beige

- Red/Red wide - 110 x 48 cm, eggshell (2x)




Original Hemp pillows

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  • Transylvania is famous for its traditional hemp fabric production. Each farm grew, harvested, processed and handspun its own fabric, and used its own colour code, with woven coloured stripes.  In this way it was easy to recognise from which farm the grain bags originated.

    The fabric is organic and pesticide free.  These organic fibers are very strong,of high quality and thus long lasting.



  • The inside down feather pillow is produced upon placement of the order, delivery time will be around 3 weeks.

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