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CH1 Candle walker

Dimensions: w 138 x d 68 x h 45 mm

Weight: 167 gr

Material: etched steel, 3 mm lasered and folded (sheet metal)


For this limited CABINET39 edition (12 pieces), Rogier researched the natural ways to colour steel.

The pieces were smoked with walnut chips and then quenched in linseed oil. The smoking time and intensity of the smoke determines the colour.




Rogier Rensen - CH1 candle walker

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  • Maak (Rogier Rensen) knows how to blow new life in archetypal design with simple techniques and combines the quality of centuries-old craftsmanship with new technologies.

    The iron wrought candlestick gets a refined, sleek and modern successor.

    The candlestick is designed at the time there was a power shortage in 2014 due problems with the nuclear power plants in Belgium. The candlestick is named after the nuclear power plant in Thiange

  • Rogier Rensen (1979), maker, was trained as a woodworker, visual artist and furniture designer.

    His design language is a search for an honest design where form and function do not compete but adhere.

    He draws inspiration from the elements of nature. His own signature lies in his appreciation for local materials, artisanal processes and a very high degree of finishing.

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