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A photographer's cabinet

CABINET39 adores photography, its technicality, sensitivity, richness and diversity .

We all are photographers with our eyes. We use these powerful lenses every day unwittingly.

But are we really looking?

Poetry is there to be detected, yet it takes a photographer to reveal it.

We already presented the Cyanotypes of Karel Van Gerven and the delicate work of Kris Vervaeke. Three other photographers joined CABINET39, take a look and discover the variety of their work.


Captivated by her isolation, Joke Timmermans experiments with forgotten filters, an old Nikon and herself. The series is named RGB, an acronym of red, yellow and blue. No digital process, but three colour filters that intuitively alienate the image. Therefore, the photo studio becomes a lab where she investigates the correlation between light, colour and movement. With attributes she explores the expressive power of her body in a naked and rule-less game. The result is a series of pictures that balance between ratio and feeling, control and coincidence. The spectator gets confronted with a range of emotions, he identifies, rappels and dreams away.

Joke Timmermans (°1980) is a Belgian photographer, journalist and lecturer with a deeply rooted passion for words, images and arts. People, love and 'the decisive moment' are the common thread in her photographic work. Her style is organic and diverse: from cool street scenes to telling portrait series.


''Synchronicity has nothing to do with order, but everything with chaos.’

Belgium based architect / photographer, Iwert Bernakiewicz (º1970), is educated as an architect and blends his photography skills with two decades of experience in architectural design and education.

In his Kaleidoscopic views weightlessness is introduced to condense architecture and space into parallel worlds, tackling curiosity and thereby questioning our surroundings. In his paper sculptures human (inter)actions are reduced to their extreme minimum for a maximum of expression.

He actively uses photography, model building and paper sculptures as a research and documenting tool in his work with students at Hasselt University, in scenography and as an independent artist, reflecting visually on human interactions, architecture, our natural environment and self.


Birgit Stulens (°1970) is looking out for the unremarkable, the pattern, the recurrent. It’s the interest for contrast and dualism that shapes her work. A subject evolves into abstraction, as if the image becomes a painting, and the silence is found.

Concepts of time, repetition, freezing a moment, subtle differences in light and shadow attract her attention. The awareness of being close to nature and of our limited time in this world has turned her eye to vulnerable and futile themes.

In the series The River Knows, she's embracing traces of Ophelia; drowning in the river in despair and grief. Her body was lifted from the water but the river absorbed the trauma, the river remembers.

Water reflects the sky masking what lies beneath, breaking the light, distorting the image, mirroring or translucent and layered, clear or cloudy, calm and peaceful or troubled and treacherous, giving and taking life, carrying slowly diluting memories towards the open sea, never giving them away completely.

This introspective body of work handles with memories and loss, the flow of mourning, and gradually letting go. We are the river

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