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The parallel universe of Pascale Matuscsak

Sliding Doors: Analog collages of Pascale Matuscsak. Have a quick peek into the intimate, alienating atmosphere of each room. The sliding doors are closing slowly...

Pascale Matuscsak’s fascination for details and visual research results in muted collages. In a digital age, she opts consciously for the restrictions of paper. Her working process is very organic. She selects and fragments accidental images and combines them into her own, often alienating world. It’s a visual, meticulous translation of loneliness, ennui, passion, uncertainty…

The different parts flow into each other and reinforce each other into a powerful composition. The fundamental indeterminacy of the image gives space to the viewers. What emerges is the final resolution related to time, space, and the physical world. The collages become 'triggers': awakeners of images. The spectator may look in for a moment and see a glimpse of what was happening behind the scenes. Things are not what they are…

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