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The wondrous world of I N S T I T U T E 5 4

Yesterday I was lucky to be invited to the marvelous studio of artist Heinrich Nicolaus (DE) and interior architect Karin Draaijer (NL). Although they mostly work internationally, their studio is situated in the Belgian city of Peer.

I N S T I T U T E 5 4 is an art project, it is a real existing institute in the tradition of the "Musée d'Art Moderne3 (1968 by Marcel Broodthaers) powered by VaMp (Vision art and Magic peer). It uses the method of artistic research and believes in the force of permanent (self) education. I54 promotes dialogue, critical reflection, solidarity and relation between people from different backgrounds. More information can be found on their website.

CABINET39 offers a selection of the signed and numbered "The Edition 54, Everybody is an art collector's darling" which was first presented at Schall und Rauch in June 2019 (Basel).

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