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We're coming to town!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Dear friend of CABINET39

You're right, summer isn't gone yet, and maybe the luscious festival season is justly filling up your agenda, nevertheless...CABINET39 is coming to town.

So if you are somewhat curious about what this is all about, if you want to see and feel for yourself, you are kindly invited to visit our temporary store at the famous multiple gallery, Maastrichterstraat 64, Hasselt.

Open from 20 August until 15 October Vernissage Saturday 27 August between 10-18h

CABINET39 offline will presents art, collectibles and rare finds, objects and photography.

There are unique pieces and signed editions from young and established artists, crafts(wo)men, designers and photographers:

Iwert Bernakiewicz, Piętro Bonacina, Steven Brouns - Zoink!, Matali Crasset, Nick Ervinck, Patrick Everaert,, Martine Geladi, Serge Haelterman, Charvis Harrell, Linde Hermans, I N S T I T U T E 5 4, Herman Maes, Pascale Matuscsak, Renaat Nijs, Klaar Prims, Rogier Rensen, Ick Reuvis, Lucia Sammarco Pennetier, Birgit Stulens, Joke Timmermans, Quinten Torp, Karel Van Gerven, Kris Vervaeke, Abelone Wilhelmsen

The story behind each of the works is compelling, what bonds them is the passion of their creator. CABINET39 is excited to share this with you and tell you more about it in person.

Hopefully we can meet?


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