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CABINET39's mission is to curate a unique range of art, originals, objects and design selected or exclusively made for this platform. Surprising you with wonderful pieces to cherish, enjoy in your own space and pass on to the next generation.

CABINET39 is independent and shares it's passion for craftsmanship, the story told, the love for art, culture and design.


Photographer Birgit Stulens' hidden world unfolds in the sporadic production of small objects, within a concept that occupies her thoughts for years. As founder of CABINET39, she uses this platform to publicly present these works for the first time. Don't take them too seriously.

To whom it may concern is a number of works treating the theme of negative space. The message appears to be absent. The external container is present but what the viewer should attract seems nowhere to be found. Is the viewer swindled as in the tale of The Emperor's New Clothes of Hans Christian Andersen? Or is it vital to reflect upon the concept of absence, the invisible, the intangible?

(styling: lamp Dante Goods and Bads, Scintilla - Pietro Russo)



The CABINET39 leather collection is a collaboration with Belgian design studio Zoink! of industrial designer Steven Brouns (Neerpelt, 1975).

Steven Brouns designs and produces furniture and accessories for major brand names, music festivals and TV studios that are looking for unique and often high-quality products. Too modest about what he accomplished over the years, he is probably one of the most underrated Belgian designers.

The charm of this product are its natural characteristics and the discolouration. This thick natural saddle leather has no added pigments. The leather gets a warm patina after time due to exposure to the sun and usage. Each stain is a witness and after many years, the leather will be able to tell a long story.

(styling: glasses Cin Cin - Klaar Prims, vintage cutlery 3T - Roger Tallon 1967 , plates - Ro Smit )


Transylvania is famous for its traditional hemp fabric production. Each farm grew, harvested, processed and handspun its own fabric, and used its own colour code, with woven coloured stripes. In this way it was easy to recognise from which farm the grain bags originated. The fabric is organic and pesticide free. These organic fibers are very strong, of high quality and thus long lasting. CABINET39 offers a limited number of pillows produced with this lovely fabric, filled with down feathers, hand sewn closure and with a natural saddle leather CABINET39 stamped tag. The grain sacks are kept in their original size.

(styling: detail of artwork Duel with Cudgels - Willem Boeckx & Elias Ghekiere 2015, sofa Vitra, Soft- Jasper Morrison 2016)

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